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What is an Explainer video?

Explainer video is a type of marketing tool that helps you to attract your potential audience by the means of a video that explains very easily about your business and services in quite a simple and interesting manner. We believe that the video is the future of marketing. 

Some people call it landing page video; some home video and some call it Explainer video. No matter what you call it, but you should invest in this, to stand out in the market with a high head competition.

You will be amazed to know a startup had evolved into a millionaire company with the help of an Animated explainer video. Who knows, next will be you? Don’t ignore this fact because explainer video is the trend of the market that can give you expected results.

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“Creativity is a crushing chore and a glorious mystery. The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you. ”

Elizabeth Gilbert

Who is using explainer videos?

If you want to see who is using explainer videos now a day, have a look on Google or any other browser you are using and see the results after typing explainer videos. You will find that everyone is using explainer videos either it is a startup or a big established brands like Linkedin and Facebook.

Videos are an essential part of marketing strategy, Explainer videos are not limited upto your webpage, it is equally productive on social media platforms like youtube, twitter, facebook, instagram, linkedin and many more.

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How to do optimum utilisation of explainer videos?

You need to tell in a video that what is the problem faced by the people? And what you can do or what you have for them that help out these people in getting rid of their problem. A good Explainer video must specify the problem and its solution in the form of your product or service.

Now this video must reach your potential customers, who need this. This can be achieved with the help of Digital Marketing. You need to reach your viewers with the help of social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and many more. Paid campaigns will increase your conversion rate.

Animated Explainer videos are great to explain your product or service to the viewers. You can easily explain the toughest part of your business to your audience with an ease. Custom Explainer Videos help you to increase awareness of your product or service and engage people in your business.

What are the steps in production of explainer videos?

  1. Script Writing
  2. Storyboard Development
  3. Voice Over Recording
  4. Animation / Live Action Production/VFX
  5. Sound Effects & Music
  6. Video Render & Formats

Why you need an explainer video?

A simple answer to this question is because we all need to change with the Time. In today’s world, computers, smart phones and internet has a vital role in everyone’s life, either a housewife who want to shop for daily home essentials or a millionaire businessman who is doing number of deals in a day online.

Computer processors are much faster than before, smartphones are much cheaper than ever before and Internet is available at an affordable cost. Due to this technology change everybody prefers videos rather than text. Viewers found videos more entertaining rather than reading an article.

If you use a video, It will increase your chances to be visible on the first page of Google by 56% and help your customers to find you easily. According to a latest research, people share and view videos 1400% more than the words and images. And this percentage will going to increase more in future. You can say explainer video is the key to having a successful marketing strategy for every industry.

“Explainer videos attract buyers and investors for sure. Alpasbox provides you efficient  videos that are meant to give you results and build a trust relationship between the buyer and the seller.”

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Why Promotional Video Effective for your Business?

Over the last few years, videos have become an increasingly popular digital marketing tool, which has become a powerful promotional tool for companies to promote their products in an exciting and engaging way. Displaying the address of your website in a marketing video is a great way for businesses to get exposure and generate traffic to their website through video. Making for your Business can be really effective in 2019.

Video is a powerful narrative medium: Not only can it serve as an excellent test ground for your company’s promotional campaigns, influencer ideas and experiential content efforts, but it can also help you create deeper, more satisfying relationships between your brand. Since it brings awareness, promotion is a critical activity in any business. There are several ways to do what matters the most is the method and that. It’s imperative to do it right or the company objectives won’t be met. Doing it right attracts the eye of increases sales and customers. 2D animated videos are powerful when there’s a need to grab instant attention. Live activity is common and is predisposed towards miss the attention. And on the flip side, when personality animation is done 2D videos are very distinct and would capture the eyes. It becomes more intriguing when made as a movie.

Reasons for Making Video for Your Business

  • Boost in Sales

Before Video Marketing, Customers have to rely on the website or the Marketing head for the details. They sometimes find it difficult to understand the concept and procedure. That becomes a great factor of declination of growth of the business. But by Making a Professional Explainer Video for your business can really help your customers to understand your company better. “According to recent experiments and researches, Company Doing Promotional Video get a satisfactory hike of about 8-30%  in their business.”

  • Proper Branding

Brand work is essential during revitalisation because

everyone needs to have a solid understanding of the company’s purpose, promise, product, people, location and price.  Good branding work helps a company to convince potential consumers to buy their products or services. That’s why an Explainer Video for your company is necessary. A Well Explained Video about your company can solve all your doubts of your customer and promote him to take suitable action.

  • More People Will Reach your Business

Using Video for promotion can be very effective in the form of Video. There are some great platforms like Youtube and Facebook that can really help you to achieve more. These two platforms are enough to bring back life to your business. Facebook videos are a great way to raise awareness about your organic and paid content.  v is often at the top of Google’s search engines, and building your video marketing strategy around the platform can bring true SEO results. With YouTube being named the world’s second largest search engine ( behind Google ), it’s a valuable opportunity for marketers to discover their brands and organizations and connect through video.

          Understanding the Basics of Explainer Videos

  • Animated explanatory videos are such a powerful tool to present your business message to your potential audience. Multimedia content, such as video, can increase customer engagement, increase the time spent on a website and stimulate sales.
  • Creating video content for your website is a smart investment because videos are increasing your conversion rate. Use Paid Ads on Youtube or Facebook for promoting your video.
  • Explanatory videos are small pieces of video content, often about one to two minutes long, and are available in many shapes, from traditional animation to 3d, live action and more. Keep it short and Attractive!
  • As people enjoy watching videos on the move, and the number of smartphone users is increasing, your video audience will constantly grow. Not only because everyone does it, but because the video is one of the most versatile and cost-effective digital marketing tools.
  • You may need an explanatory video to provide potential customers with a product demonstration, a product demonstration video to accelerate new website visitors to what you are offering or a powerful message from your CEO.
  • Videos generate the most online traffic and engagement, 78 per cent of people watch weekly video online, studies show that people remember 6 times more video than text, and our brain processes images 60, 000 times faster than text

Packing Up Things!

In addition to the benefits of brand building, a video is ideal for thematic tutorials, product demos, process guides and other practical tools to help you deliver value promises and service to your brand. Explainer Videos are the best way, you can attract people from the Globe. Remember to Keep it Short and Contents or Slideshows filled with quality. Focus on Quality, and Make Videos for Humans! Advertise your marketing video is the best way to show if your video is working on a large scale by exposing it to a wider audience. After your potential customers have seen your video, you need them to take action that will lead to real marketing results, such as downloading an application, subscribing to a newsletter, visiting a target page, etc. Promotional Videos are one of the most confidential instrument in Marketing as the Success rate is More than that of other Tricks!

Remember- Quality tends to fan out like waves”.

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