Video Production Process


Our first step is to gather all the information from the client that we required to make their Explainer Video. In this phase, you give us a briefing about the functioning of your business. Our key questions are your target audience and the motive of explanation video. You can explain these using Voice call or video call or any other comfortable way that suits you.


After gathering all the information, we forward all the details to our professional scriptwriter to write a script for the client’s video. We’ll make it as simple as possible to understand.


After the script is accepted by you, our experts will build the story scene after scene. This sequence of sketch drawings will become a base for thousands of illustrations.


The storyboard is then converted into illustrations. In this stage, we will design icons, graphics, characters and background with final detailing.

Voice over

The next stage is a voice over. We covered a wide range of accents and languages for voice over including both Males and females. We gathered the best translators and speakers from around the globe, so you can always find the native speaker of the targeted country or region.


The last and the most crucial stage is animation, where we add motion, movement, transition and effects to the illustrations along with synchronizing of voice over, sound effects and background music.


A high-resolution file format will be sent to the client. Our default file format is HD 1920 x1080 (mp4). Any other required file format can also be delivered.

We’ve crafted these simple step process where you will be able to make suggestions and ask for the changes
that you need while having fun in the process. We provide two rounds of changes after each step.

Explainer Video Production process

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