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“Visual marketing does not just sell a product or service – It sells an experience around your business.”

Rebekah Radice

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What is a Business Video?

Business video is the one that speaks about your business, make your company stand out in a competition, offers clarity about the procedure and services, make your company visible and most important make people talk about your new products and services. There are different ways to represent a video that you can choose as per your requirement.

If you publish videos regularly related to your business on your website and other social media platforms, you will be able to give more competition in the market to your competitors and have more promising clients. Because videos help viewers to make a decision after having a clear understanding of your product and services. Business videos are priceless if you think about the investment and the return you can expect in terms of conversions and market reputation.

Business video

Different Styles for Business Videos?

There are many styles of videos if you go in detail with graphics and animation but we will tell you about the popular styles of business videos.

Motion Graphics: Motion graphic video has very smooth movements and transitions. It gives a high quality output rather than merely 2D animation video. As the name suggest artists play with the graphics movements.

Whiteboard Animation: You must have seen some videos with black and white lines only. Animation thats look like someone is drawing pictures with a black marker one after another on a whiteboard is know as whiteboard animation. It clearly explains the concept.

2D Animation: 2D Animation is based on x and y dimensions, The oldest and one of the hardest sub-category of 2D Animation is the classic animation. Tom and Jerry was the famous 2D animation series produced by MGM Cartoons.

3D Animation: 3D Animation is based on x, y and z dimensions. This style is closer to real world and produces excellent quality of animation. It’s look more attractive than 2D animation but many artists involved in making a single clip of 3D Animation like modeller, rigger, texture artist, lighting artist, animator and finally render process.

Live Action: Live video helps in gaining the trust of the viewers by showing them real products and services, or the process behind the manufacturing. Live action videos that based on the real footage and videos are trending in the corporate world.

What are the steps in making business videos?

  1. Script Writing
  2. Storyboard Development
  3. Voice Over Recording
  4. Animation / Live Action Production/VFX
  5. Sound Effects & Music
  6. Video Render & Formats

How your business benefit from video?

There are many benefits of business videos but you need to make one for yourself to know how it will benefit your business?

Conversion Rate: You will not get any other alternative as impactful as business videos to sell your products online.  Number of people buying your product and people watching your video is the direct ratio of conversion.

High Return: This is a one time investment that stays with you can use it as many times you want and spread your message all over the world. This investment gives you indirect returns also in the form of brand awareness, building market value, gaining customers trust and make people consider your services. If you look by this point of view videos are priceless.

Build Ranking: Videos are very helpful in gaining the first page rank on Google and other search engines. As videos keep user busy and make viewer to spend time on your page. This makes the google realise that this video and your page has some worthwhile content that engaging the audience and it will push your ranking up and make you visible on the first page of search engine.

Social markecting videos

How to Make an Awesome Business Video?

You need to keep these things in mind when looking to have a business video.

Script content: You must take care of the content you going to show in your video because until it does not have any useful information for the viewers, he/she will not be interested in watching your video. The message you want to convey with the help of the video should be clear and valid.

Publish Regular Videos: If you will put all the things in one video, viewers will get bored and they exit in between the video. To keep viewers engaged and to build their interest in your videos, divide your content and publish short videos regularly. It will help you in building market status also.

Brand Building: Your content and visuals should be unique and represent your company clearly When viewers watch your video they should know that videos belong to you only.

“You can’t wait for inspiration and opportunity, you have to create it by starting using  business videos.”

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