What is a Whiteboard Animation video?

What is a Whiteboard Animation video?

Striking typography and bespoke figures on whiteboard help you reach out to your audience. Whiteboard video maker companies strive to ensure that the interest of your audience remains constant throughout the video.

Whiteboard animations practically work anywhere and everywhere. Reaching out to your audience effectively may prove to be a tough task especially when your core business is a complex one.

The process involved in a whiteboard animation video.

Listed here is the process that is usually followed by any whiteboard video production company.

Step 1: Develop an interesting story out of your brand (the hardest bit).

Step 2: Construct a script (improve and shorten it).

Step 3: Divide the script into scenes (makes it easier to work with).

Step 4: Dream, dream and dream some more about what illustrations would be great and then dream some more (the creative step!).

Step 5: Ask my illustrator what illustrations need to be sketched (he’s super talented).

Step 6: Present illustrations to be presented in a storyboard format (using graphics).

Step 7: Get the voiceover recorded by a voiceover artist (pros are best).

Step 8: Produce the animation once the graphic designs are ready (production, my favorite part).

Step 9: Sync the animation to the voiceover recording (editing step).

Step 10: Add some background music (nothing too corny though).

Step 11: Send 1st cut of the video for review (the scary step, keeping fingers crossed).

Step 12: Adjustments and revisions as requested by you because you’re seeing everything for the first time and then maybe another 2 afterward (we’re all human and like to change stuff).

Step 13: Render HD video and transfer it via Google drive, to do with whatever as you wish (let’s get this baby out there!).

process involved in a whiteboard animation video.
What can whiteboard animation videos do for your brand?

What can whiteboard animation videos do for your brand?

Here are some reasons why you need a whiteboard animation video for your brand:

– You need to discuss a thoughtful, disruptive or technical subject that needs to be explained clearly, approachable and non-threatening way.

– You’re putting together an e-learning package and need to make the lessons easy to understand and engaging.

– By breaking your message down into digestible chunks and putting bespoke images alongside it, you attract your viewers’ attention, hook their interest and make it easy for them to remember the crux of your message.

At Orange Videos, we have a variety of video films and one of them is a whiteboard animation video. Explore our services and get in touch with us right now!

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