Product / Service Overview Videos

What are product / service videos?

As self explanatory as they are, product or service videos give you an overview of the features and specifications of a product or service. When you produce your video from the buyer’s perspective, you will realize that your potential customers are actually willing to learn about the benefits and features of your offering and what makes it stand out. With the help of the concept of abstract branding, you need to give relevant information about your product to your customers first and later pitch the hard sell. Thus balancing the two is the key for product or service videos.

How to create product / service videos that inform, instruct & inspire leads.

A great product or service video will paint a vivid picture of the happier and less stressful life for your ideal customers. This is why videos can show exactly how your customer’s life will be improved with additional impact than a verbal or written description. Another approach is by threading a real life / personal story. In this way your audience can relate to your story tap into the deepest desires of your audience. Unlike traditional product videos, you can opt to create a documentary video and show it in cinemas or OTT platforms. The goal is to prioritize one problem and build a content strategy and create a positive impact through audio and visuals.

The art of creating product videos that improve conversations.

An exceptional product or service video demonstrates how your product works to your customers and allows them to imagine using it themselves. Blend in honesty and emotions in your video. A very good example is the Google Adsense program video that has made use of testimonials and client stories with an emotion of taking you further from your computer and get you closer to your passion: i.e. your work. Your customers are most probably weighing your video with your competitors. To nail your video, make sure it answers the commonly asked questions. By producing a reassuring walkthrough of your services, an endearing animation and voiceover style weaves in the hard-sell messages completely under the radar.

“Creativity is a crushing chore and a glorious mystery. The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

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