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What are Non-profit Videos?​

What are Non-profit Videos?

Video can be extremely powerful. They can make you think, make you feel and make your support. Non-profit organizations are using video more than ever to get their message across and to get the public to support them.

Non-profit organizations are generally dedicated to furthering a social cause or popularizing a point of view, charities and political movements for example. To do this they need to inspire and connect with their prospective audience.

By documenting real experiences through imagery, and audio, and by using these to create a story, a video can be created that truly connects with the hearts and souls of your demographic.

What Can Video Do for Your Non-Profit?

Awareness – Video is very popular, and it travels fast. If you have a message to get out there or a cause that needs rallying to, there is no more effective way to spread the word. If you tap into the public consciousness at the correct time and get the video right, you could even go viral!

Fundraising – If it is funded you are after, then the right video could easily stir a viewer’s emotions and convince them to donate to your cause. A much more inspiring way to raise money than knocking on doors or trying to convince people on the street.

Appreciation – You can thank a huge amount of people with one video; this saves you time and energy. It also further fosters a relationship with your audience, meaning they are more likely to stick with you. People love to be part of a community.

What Can Video Do for Your Non-Profit?
What Styles Are Suitable for Non-Profit Video?

What Styles Are Suitable for Non-Profit Video?

Documentary – If the real-life imagery and footage of your cause is particularly potent, then candid and verbatim footage might be the very ingredient your video needs. Well edited and with appropriate audio, this style can strike the required note perfectly.

Animation – Whether 2D, 3D or stop motion, the animation is wonderful at telling a story. Unlike live footage, you can create very crisp, undistracted imagery to get your message across in a quicker and more focussed way. There is also versatility with this style, making it much easier to manufacture any tone or emotion you may wish to use.

Call to Action – A good, old fashioned, heart-felt speech is still a great way to connect. An inspiring speaker directly addressing an audience in an inspiring and passionate way is a powerful way to put a message across. It’s visceral and personal nature has a big impact on the viewer.

“Creativity is a crushing chore and a glorious mystery. The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

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