How does App explainer video help
to improve your application popularity?

Did you know that there are more than 6.378 billion global smartphone users? To entice such a huge market and conquer the stiff competition, the application has to stand out. As per studies, video content contributes to 70% of the traffic on mobile phones. Individuals are more likely to download an app if they see a video explaining it. That is why marketing strategists are keen on using app explainer videos to promote the app and increase its sales.

What is an app explainer video

What is an app explainer video?

An app explainer video is a short video that outlines the main features of the app. These usually consist of the working of the application and the myriad of benefits that users can obtain from it. Moreover, it also sheds information from where one can download it. The main trick is to make sure that the video is brief but compelling and is easy to grasp. It will ultimately encourage and lure the audience to download and use the app.


Reasons why app explainer videos have gained immense popularity

Reasons why app explainer videos have gained immense popularity

There are various reasons that explain why app explainer videos have gained massive popularity in recent years. These include –  

1. Makes the point quickly

The reason why app explainer videos are short is due to the brief attention span of consumers. People don’t want to invest too much time on something they might not actually buy or download. With the need to know information quickly, the app explainer video maker does the job smartly. It focuses on the main features and gives a brief speech.

2. Video is a preferable format

It is without a doubt that videos are much more desirable than boring texts. Consumers seem to prefer watching interesting videos to reading long texts on screen. Moreover, the retention rate of a message via a video is 95%. Did you know that 95% of viewers actively seek and watch explainer videos to understand a service or product?

3. Easy to share

One of the most crucial reasons for the surge in popularity of the explainer video is the easy shareability. When a user likes the video, they have the urge to share it with close friends and family. This not only further promotes the app but also confirms the interest of the consumer. Moreover, with the best custom app explainer video software, videos have much more chances of going viral than long texts.

4. Increases conversion rates

With a tendency to keep consumers engaged, explainer videos can enhance conversion rates with ease. Moreover, these also indicate that more people are likely to download the app. It is true that watching explainer videos influences the purchasing decisions of consumers significantly.

Advantages of an app explainer

There are numerous benefits that you can get from a custom video rather than a free app explainer video maker. Check out some of them listed here to know more.

1. Grabs the attention of the viewers

The direct and short message on the app explainer videos hooks in the consumers with ease. If you can incorporate meaningful messages, then you can successfully capture their interest. The youth today, especially the Gen-Z, has no interest in listening or reading the advantageous features of your app. But, if you can mix various elements like graphics, voice, music, and more into one platform, you might just get them to download the app.

2. Controlling the pitch

With a custom app explainer video, it is easy to control the mood or pitch of the videos but not in a free app explainer video maker However, you must research the behavior pattern of your audience before setting the tone. If the app is health-related, then you need to set forth a serious tone. But, if it’s something entertaining like a movie booking app, you can set the cheerful mood.

3. Highlighting vital details

One of the most significant advantages of an app explainer video is the ability to highlight details that make your app even more appealing. It is a great way to showcase some cool and unique features. Keep in mind that you must put in some interesting features that make your applications different from others in the market. With these videos, you can make your point with ease.

Why opt for Alpasbox?

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With aspiring professionals who are eager to shine, we create a mobile app explainer video that contributes to the success of your business. That way, you can now concentrate on other facets with ease. We comply with the demands of our clients and set deadlines accordingly. Irrespective of the niche, we work tirelessly to offer ultimate satisfaction to our clients. You can get in touch with us to know more about our services and pricing details. 



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