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A deeper dive into the creation of an explainer video.

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Explainer video company in Bangalore​

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What is Explainer video?

Explainer video is a type of marketing tool that helps you to attract your potential audience by the means of a video that explains very easily about your business and services in quite a simple and interesting manner. We believe that video is the future of marketing. 

Some people call it landing page video; some home video and some call it Explainer video. No matter what you call it, but you should invest in this, to stand out in the market with a high head competition.

You will be amazed to know a startup had evolved into a millionaire company with the help of an Animated explainer video. Who knows, next will be you? Don’t ignore this fact because explainer video is the trend of the market that can give you expected results.

Why do you need explainer video services in the business?

In simple terms, 2D animation is the insertion of a digital picture into a two-dimensional context. The transition of a still painting to the digital version constitutes 2D animation. Nowadays, movies, commercial advertisements, cartoons, games, and more have popularized its concept. With the inevitability of its appeal in marketing products or services, brands have started to prefer it too. The best 2D animation company uses 2D animation for a wide range of purposes. These include – Explainer videos, Apps, Video games, Educational videos, Motion comics, and more

Why should you hire us?

Professional Script Writing

Content plays a vital role in videos, we assure that you got a marvelous script that explains what you want to tell your viewers.

Original & Unique Graphics

Original Artwork

We create 100% original hand-made Sketches and other graphics inputs used in our Whiteboard Explainer Video.

Best sound quality

Best Sound Quality

Voice is the soul of any video. we provide best quality voice over from Professional voice over artists (Male/Female) from all over the world.

Turnaround time

Turnaround time

You can ask for "EXPRESS DELIVERY" in case of a hurry. The explainer video will be delivered within 7-10 days.

No hidden Charges and Fees

Best Price

We want that low budget startups also enjoy the privilege of professional digital advertising that's why we start from a low budget.


Free revisions*

Client satisfaction is our priority, that's why we provide free round of corrections for your satisfaction.

“Explainer videos attract buyers and investors for sure. Alpasbox provides you efficient  videos that are meant to give you results and build a trust relationship between the buyer and the seller.”

Who is using explainer videos?

If you want to see who is using explainer videos now a day, have a look on Google or any other browser you are using and see the results after typing explainer videos. You will find that everyone is using explainer videos either it is a startup or a big established brand like Linkedin and Facebook.

Videos are an essential part of marketing strategy, Explainer videos are not limited up to your webpage, it is equally productive on social media platforms like youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more.

Some explainer video examples

We create high-quality explainer video examples for startups, small businesses, and big brands.

“Creativity is a crushing chore and a glorious mystery. The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

How to do optimum utilisation of explainer videos?

Do you need to tell in a video that what is the problem faced by the people? And what you can do or what you have for them that help out these people in getting rid of their problem. A good Explainer video must specify the problem and its solution in the form of your product or service.

Now, this video must reach your potential customers, who need this. This can be achieved with the help of Digital Marketing. You need to reach your viewers with the help of social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and many more. Paid campaigns will increase your conversion rate.

Animated Explainer videos are great to explain your product or service to the viewers. You can easily explain the toughest part of your business to your audience with ease. Custom Explainer Videos help you to increase awareness of your product or service and engage people in your business.


What are the steps in explainer video production?

  1. Script Writing
  2. Storyboard Development
  3. Voice Over Recording
  4. Animation / Live Action Production/VFX
  5. Sound Effects & Music
  6. Video Render & Formats

How much cost of explainer video?

It depends on which quality you need for your projects like Basic, Standard, or Premium, and the video length. We will provide you a video that offers versatility, uniqueness, and adaptive as per the target audience.

Our Business Development team would be happy to help you with your project requirements.

Why you need an explainer video?

A simple answer to this question is because we all need to change with Time. In today’s world, computers, smartphones, and the internet have a vital role in everyone’s life, either a housewife who wants to shop for daily home essentials or a millionaire businessman who is doing a number of deals in a day online.

Computer processors are much faster than before, smartphones are much cheaper than ever before and Internet is available at an affordable cost. Due to this technology change, everybody prefers videos rather than text. Viewers found videos more entertaining rather than reading an article.

If you use a video, It will increase your chances to be visible on the first page of Google by 56% and help your customers to find you easily. According to the latest research, people share and view videos 1400% more than words and images. And this percentage will go to increase more in future. You can say an explainer video is a key to having a successful marketing strategy for every industry.

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What makes Alpasbox unique?

We have a team of professional experts who are proficient in their respective field with the right guidance that can show complex concepts in a simple and understanding manner. We give you engaging and meaningful videos for your business with an organized process that leads to right output in a single go. Our goal is to build a bond with our clients which is expressed by a video, not by words.

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