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Explainer video company in Bangalore​

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explainer video company in india

We are the best Explainer video company in India.

Today’s company focuses more on the digital environment in which we live since the web already has high traffic affected by the appeal of every community from all over the world. Given this shift, electronic trade giants utilise various techniques to attract the masses and promote product exposure is one of the most clever strategies of accomplishing that. 

Here we will give a glance at how explainer videos reach the potential to enhance your brand’s visibility including the best explainer video company in India.

What is an explainer video?

An explanatory video is a short-form video that generally is used for marketing or sales reasons, and it demonstrates an efficient and compelling product, service, or corporate idea. Most enterprises host or showcase on their website videos on their landing pages.

Advantages of explainer video in business

– Be careful Take-off. The typical internet user has eight seconds of attention.

–  Augmentation of conversions.

–  Pitch for the compelling lift.

–  More than text shareable.

–  Culture and personality reflection of your brand.

Why should you hire us?

Professional Script Writing

Content plays a vital role in videos, we assure that you got a marvelous script that explains what you want to tell your viewers.

Original & Unique Graphics

Original Artwork

We create 100% original hand-made Sketches and other graphics inputs used in our Whiteboard Explainer Video.

Best sound quality

Best Sound Quality

Voice is the soul of any video. we provide best quality voice over from Professional voice over artists (Male/Female) from all over the world.

Turnaround time

Turnaround time

You can ask for "EXPRESS DELIVERY" in case of a hurry. The explainer video will be delivered within 7-10 days.

No hidden Charges and Fees

Best Price

We want that low budget startups also enjoy the privilege of professional digital advertising that's why we start from a low budget.


Free revisions*

Client satisfaction is our priority, that's why we provide free round of corrections for your satisfaction.

The process of explainer video at Alpasbox

Alpasbox is India’s leading video production company in India. They provide custom explainer videos that are believed to produce amazing results that you will not be able to achieve with any explainer video maker for free, as we believe in the client’s satisfaction.

Alpasbox’s web films are tailored to boost visitors and provide your website with consistent traffic. They offer many types of videos including motion graphics, live-action, and whiteboard videos.

This is the fundamental technique; Alpasbox follows to produce Animated Explainer videos.

Discussion: At this step, you talk to our team about your company’s goals and demands. This involves answering questions like

– What do you want to show in your video?
– Who’s your target group?
– How do you plan to utilize it (and where)?
– What business measures are required to assess whether this video is a success?
– How is the future video mood—will it be more business or more casual and informal?

Scriptwriting: The script is the key ingredient in the creation of a successful video explanatory.

We like our customers to participate actively in the scripting process. It is because you know better than anybody else the worries of your target client and the pain spots.

Storyboarding: A storyboard is a sequence of sketches depicting the single shots for your video or film. They frequently include directives of camera angles, indicators, and lighting modifications, and scene transitions, as well as dialogue, etc.

Voice-over recording: After the appropriate script is available to communicate this message, we must now select the perfect voice to talk to your listeners. The voice-over must be recorded before the animation process can commence.

Animation: Animation and motion graphics include the creation of the visuals needed to receive the message. This phase demands a lot of attention to detail and guarantees that each step reflects the images generated during the production stage.

Music and sound effects: The following stage is to add sound and music. To explain videos, music adds flavor.

Render and Final Compilation: This is the step at which your video explainer is finished.

Post-production encompasses an overview of the whole process of sound editing and mixing, background music, visual alteration, and even lower thirds. You eventually will be ready to share your movie with the world once you finish with the detailed video editing and modifications.

Some Sample Explainer videos

We create high-quality Whiteboard videos for startups, small businesses, and big brands.

“Creativity is a crushing chore and a glorious mystery. The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

whiteboard explainer videos

Key factors for a 2d animation video

An excellent video explanation should thus be prepared particularly to catch the attention of the desired audience and then take advantage of the still-hot period. That’s why the most successful are usually concise and direct and, most all, unambiguous calls for action at the conclusion.

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Where can an animated explainer video be used?

Here are some unexpected ways where we can post the explainer videos to receive the highest engagements

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Email signatures
  • Internal company training
  • Recruitment
  • Paid adverts on social media
video production services

What makes Alpasbox unique?

We have a team of trained professionals who know their fields inside and out. With proper guidance, they can break down any complex concepts in an understandable way.

We give our customers engaging videos with organized processes that culminate in something with real value – all in one go. Our goal is to build trust between us and clients by creating meaningful videos, not just flowery speeches…

Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in getting more information on what we can do for you or your startup!

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