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If you are eager to expand your brand and raise its awareness, including animated videos in the digital campaign is a good idea. Most business organizations understand the value of using animations and incorporate them to make an attractive animated corporate video. There are various types of corporate videos that companies can opt for. These include explainer videos, training videos, etc.

To make sure that you stay ahead in the market, you must choose the best animated corporate video production company. With the right help, you can now showcase your brand message to your target audience with ease.

Animated Corporate Video

Watch the top ten animated corporate videos of all time.

As a leading video production company, we are aware of the importance of an exciting yet realistic animated corporate video. Are you seeking inspiration from other professionals in the field? Here is a list of the top ten intriguing animated corporate videos.

Take a look –

1. Supacell WIFI (Alpasbox)

The Supacell Smart WiFi video that we made focuses on the integration of technology into our daily lives. With stunning animation figures and a clear voice-over, the video details the benefits of using this amazing app. Moreover, the bright blue theme compliments the brand color beautifully and grabs user attention.

2. IBM

IBM Garage brings forth the unique concept of merging innovative ideas and practical solutions. Using this end-to-end management model, companies can deploy solutions that offer real value to the business. The usage of different bright colors against the black background is simply impressive and appeals to businesses of all sizes.

3. Microsoft

This particular explainer video by Microsoft is an eye-opener. Here, the chief environmental officer of the tech giant, Lucas Joppa, focuses on the approach of establishing circular centers to reduce e-waste. The video is simple, interesting, and grabs user attention immediately. Moreover, the voice-over is clear and states the brand’s intent to be zero-waste by 2030.

4. Paypal

The PayPal Store Cash video goes the no voice-over route. Instead, the video focuses on the usage of appropriate texts, images, and bright colors. Moreover, the animation is stunning and offers a highly rewarding marketing solution to eCommerce brands. With store cash offers, PayPal intends to bring back distracted consumers to buying your products or services.

5. Crazy egg

While it is true that Google Analytics offers a lot of information on digital traffic, it fails to make you understand the reason. To solve this conundrum, Crazy Egg offers an interesting solution. With this dynamic tool, one can track each element and see which one needs more improvement than others.

6. EFFICIENSE (Alpasbox - animated corporate video production)

In order to make things smoother for the cable TV industry, Efficiense offers a reliable solution. It integrates numerous features such as managing subscriptions, optimizations, personalization, third-party integration services, and more. Here, we intermingled fascinating animation figures with innovative designs.


The Career Site Manager brought forward by is meant to help out recruits tap hidden talents. With a highly optimized career section, it is now easy to expand the candidate’s reach while hiring. The animation video is stunning and uses simple animation figures to draw the audience’s interest.

8. Kissan Jam

This short 24-second video of Kissan Jam is an example of an excellent short animated corporate video. Here, the brand targets both adults and children with the usage of animated animals and human beings. Moreover, the concept strikes nostalgia and enforces the personal bond of the brand and consumers.

9. Citi bank

The CitiConnect API solution simplifies banking transactions globally while streamlining the access of clients to Citi accounts with ease. The video mostly focuses on the advantageous aspect of this API solution using a bright blue background.

10. Mega we care (Alpasbox - Best animated corporate videos)

This live action explainer video of Mega We Care mixes animation with real-life footage. We aimed to highlight the various aspects of the brand through real images and clear animations. The utilization of real-life images makes the video even more personal to consumers.

Wrapping it up

These are some of the best animated corporate videos that can offer you inspiration. It is vital to understand the importance of animated videos before you use them. Keep in mind that the personal connection of consumers to your brand is of paramount importance. In that matter, animated videos can help a great deal.

However, it actually depends on the creativeness and skill of your chosen animated corporate video production company.

At Alpasbox, we have a team of exceptionally talented creative individuals. Rest assured, you can relax while our professionals brainstorm unique ideas to create a fascinating animated corporate video for your brand. With the aid of the latest technologies and tools, we transform your vision into reality.

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