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It is a well-known fact that video is the king of marketing strategy. But do you use it for your brand? That is a conundrum most businesses face – either they are not sure about their digital ad campaign, or they don’t know how to turn their vision into reality. To make the most use of video advertising, you need to choose the best advertising video production company.

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Advertising Video Production Company and their purpose

Video advertisements are essentially short, usually 60 seconds or even less than that, videos that market the brand. In essence, it promotes the company and the service or the product that the brand intends to release. It is vital to note that a commercial video ad is totally different from an explainer video. Here, there is no explanation of the product or service, nor is there a list of benefits.

The chief purpose of advertising videos is to tease the audience and grab their attention. The ads are meant to build up interest, compelling the audience to search more about the product or service.

How to use video in advertising?

Video ads offer the perfect opportunity to generate buzz around a new product or service. In today’s era of online digital popularity, it is best to release ads on social media platforms. You can try the most popular ones- Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. However, you must keep in mind that expecting a million views overnight is hardly ideal. Even paid ads might need some time to rack up the views and likes.

The top-rated advertising video production company develops more than one video ad for a successful digital aid campaign of your brand.

Why should you hire us?

Professional Script Writing

Content plays a vital role in videos, we assure that you got a marvelous script that explains what you want to tell your viewers.

Original & Unique Graphics

Original Artwork

We create 100% original hand-made Sketches and other graphics inputs used in our Whiteboard Explainer Video.

Best sound quality

Best Sound Quality

Voice is the soul of any video. we provide best quality voice over from Professional voice over artists (Male/Female) from all over the world.

Turnaround time

Turnaround time

You can ask for "EXPRESS DELIVERY" in case of a hurry. The explainer video will be delivered within 7-10 days.

No hidden Charges and Fees

Best Price

We want that low budget startups also enjoy the privilege of professional digital advertising that's why we start from a low budget.


Free revisions*

Client satisfaction is our priority, that's why we provide free round of corrections for your satisfaction.

Top criteria for a successful video ad

Creating an efficient video advertisement is not an easy task. That is why the creative team of an advertising video production company brainstorms ideas till something unique hits them. Take a look at the essential parameters that play a role in the success of the video ads.

  • Focus on the first few seconds of the video. That is when you have the perfect opportunity to get the attention of the consumer.
  • Make sure that the video ads are less than or equal to 30 seconds. Do remember that this is not a documentary.
  • Highlight the unique features of the brand and why it is different from the rest in the market. For this, sharing achievements, milestones, and positive feedback from customers is a good idea.
  • Answer the vital question – “why?” Why must the viewers purchase your product or service?

Add the CTA or Call To Action at the end of the video. You can, either place it as a text, or you can film it with the ad itself.

Advertising Agency Video Production

We work closely with the biggest names in the industry to customize, customize and create quality video. It’s like having your own in-house video production company that doesn’t take up too much space because you get the reliability and flexibility that comes with cloud-based video creation services. To kick things off, we’ll start by investigating how our 4 step process can increase conversions by improving user experience.

Some Advertising Video Production Company Sample

We create high-quality Advertising Videos for startups, small businesses, and big brands.

“Creativity is a crushing chore and a glorious mystery. The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

DiFFerent types of commercial video production company

There are numerous types of commercial video ads that a brand can choose from. However, the two most common include animation and live-action. Often, selecting any one of them between the two is a tough decision. That is why a high-rated advertising video production company discusses the needs of the clients and then conducts extensive research. Moreover, several factors such as budget, success rate, recent trends, etc., play a significant role in deciding the production style of the commercial video.

Advertising Video Production Company

BeneFits of video ads in marketing

Are you wondering – why include video ads when it could increase the marketing budget considerably? The simple answer is that users tend to ignore boring messages and texts. Videos are arduous to discard, and once you spike an interest, you can count on the viewers to share them with others. That way, you can broaden the scope of your target audience with relative ease.

Moreover, it is easy to capture the attention of the viewers via video ads. Here, you can add a funky song, colorful themes, a humorous opening line, and play out a real-life situation without much hassle. Also, it becomes easy to promote the service or product while stressing its importance or posing it as a problem-solver.

youtube video advertising specs

Although YouTube has only been around since 2005, it’s easily one of the most popular social media sites on the market and continues to attract and retain its users. This social media titans popularity is indisputable and necessary to consider when creating a marketing strategy for your business.

Get More Views on Youtube by Hiring a High Quality Video Creator

We work very closely with companies big and small in order to spec, create and deliver stylish, high quality video. We treat each client individually so that we can offer the very best possible service when it comes to custom explainer video production for any business.

Why choose Alpasbox?

In order to develop the best video ads, it is vital to choose a refreshing and unique concept. Moreover, the theme must resonate with the audience and capture their attention. For this, you must seek the support of the right advertising video production company. Alpasbox prides itself in offering creative ideas with the aid of remarkably talented professionals.

The principal purpose of a video ad is to incite excitement and draw in the interest of the audience. That is why our team uses the products or services and then understands them to develop stunning new concepts. We make sure to incorporate the views of our clients within the ads to attain the desired goal.

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