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The rise of videos as a marketing tool is simply undeniable. It is true that there are millions of videos present on the web. But, do all of them offer real value to businesses?

In this era of digital marketing, influencing the audience to buy your products or services via video is a good idea. One of the most innovative ways to advertise your brand is to release an intriguing 2D explainer video. Did you know that 81% of users are likely to purchase a service or product after observing an explainer video?

That clearly stresses the importance of explainer videos. These are not only catchy and attractive but informational too. They educate the audience while capturing their attention with ease.

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What is a 2d explainer video?

An explainer video, in essence, is a short video that explains the product or services of the brand with an exciting approach. It is an impressive marketing tool, made specially to garner the attention of the target audience.

There are various types of explainer videos. One of them is to use two-dimensional styles in videos and make them all the more compelling. It is without a doubt that a 2D explainer video attracts user attention and keeps them engaged.

Why do you need a 2D Cartoon videos?

  • Create Focus: With the use of cartoons, you are saying everything to everybody in your video as you bid farewell to business meetings and welcome content which will reposition your company’s brand.

  • Explain Vividly: We simplify & modernize antique & interesting stories into an enlivening story that does away with conundrums by adding fun characters, captivating narrators, and upbeat music to the process.

  • Share Your Expertise: Through your expert knowledge and the creation of free, competitively priced 2D Cartoon demonstration videos, we can increase awareness among customers and fans about virtually any digital platform in the most efficient way due to their popularity.

Why should you hire us?

Professional Script Writing

Content plays a vital role in videos, we assure that you got a marvelous script that explains what you want to tell your viewers.

Original & Unique Graphics

Original Artwork

We create 100% original hand-made Sketches and other graphics inputs used in our Whiteboard Explainer Video.

Best sound quality

Best Sound Quality

Voice is the soul of any video. we provide best quality voice over from Professional voice over artists (Male/Female) from all over the world.

Turnaround time

Turnaround time

You can ask for "EXPRESS DELIVERY" in case of a hurry. The explainer video will be delivered within 7-10 days.

No hidden Charges and Fees

Best Price

We want that low budget startups also enjoy the privilege of professional digital advertising that's why we start from a low budget.


Free revisions*

Client satisfaction is our priority, that's why we provide free round of corrections for your satisfaction.

BENEFITS of Using explainer videos for Your Business

  • 2d Explainer video allows you to create professional-looking videos that have several distinct advantages:

    • Explain Your Message Clearly
    • Reduce Visitor Abandonment
    • Increase Search Visibility
    • Great For Websites And More
    • Affordability With Quality
    • Understand Clients And Competitors.

Are we the right 2d animation services for you?

While other video animation companies settle for creating what they call professional video animations, there are so many different ways to do it right. We have developed a unique process that enables us to present customized videos without any false steps.

Alpasbox 2d Explainer video company tailors content to accommodate your brand’s tone, and advertising objectives, that is the reason we are unique in relation to other companies.

Some 2d Explainer videos Sample

We create high-quality 2d Explainer videos for startups, small businesses, and big brands.

“Creativity is a crushing chore and a glorious mystery. The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

2d Explainer Video

Where to use a 2d Explainer video?

Being good at explainer things, no doubt 2d Explainer video fit well in explainer videos. some ways are:

    1. Internal training
    2. Product explainer
    3. Process explainer
    4. Case study

How much does the best 2d explainer video cost?

It depends on which quality you need for your projects like Basic, Standard, or Premium, and the video length. We will provide you a video that offers versatility, uniqueness, and adaptive as per the target audience.

Our Business Development team would be happy to help you with your project requirements.

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What makes Alpasbox unique?

We have a team of professional experts who are proficient in their respective field with the right guidance that can show complex concepts in a simple and understanding manner. We give you engaging and meaningful videos for your business with an organized process that leads to right output in a single go. Our goal is to build a bond with our clients which is expressed by a video, not by words.

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What makes Alpasbox unique?

2D Explainer Videos

Though there are various types of 2D explainer videos available, the most common ones include illustrations, cartoon figures, and whiteboard drawings in 2D. However, it depends on the designers and creative professionals to incorporate out-of-the-box ideas into an exciting 2D Explainer Video. Here is a list of some of the best videos –

  1. Reputation Management Explainer Video by Alpasbox
Play Video

With stunning animation figures and compelling storytelling, Alpasbox has created a stunning 2D explainer video for its brand reputation. This short video, just over 2 minutes, depicts a full-fledged story about how to improve your brand reputation using digital marketing. The aesthetic of the video is marvelous and maintains a monochromatic theme with sudden bursts of colors.

  1. McDonald’s going tech

The one thing that separates this explainer video from others is its nature. It is not promotional; instead, it tells the journey of McDonald’s and where it hopes to be in the future. Inspired by the 70s style, the illustrations are bright, and the video automatically brings a smile to the users. Moreover, the animations are simple and draw attention immediately.

  1. Doctoroo

A short 35-second video effectively tells the purpose of Doctoroo efficiently. The clear voiceover accompanied by striking animated figures brings to light real-life situations and the solutions that the company offers. This 2D explainer video is simple, classy, and perfectly intrigues the customers into knowing the service. The colors are bright and highlight the features of the healthcare provider perfectly.

  1. Google Assistant

Comparable to Alexa and Siri, Google’s Assistant uses AI to browse the web, hold conversations and conduct various other tasks. The explainer video was launched way before the product was released. The main reason that the video is striking is due to its simplicity. Google understands that bringing new technology means making sure people actually understand what it is.

  1. ChatClass

ChatClass aimed to aid both students and teachers in improving their vocabulary skills in the English language. The 2D explainer video is simple, attractive and yet speaks to the target audience with ease. The usage of the cartoon characters makes the video intriguing, while the situations offer realistic input. Moreover, the creativity of the video is on another level and focuses on the benefits particularly.

  1. National History Museum

Created by the National History Museum, this explainer video delves deeper into human history and explains the last 100 years. In this 2D video, the creators opted for the whiteboard style while animating the class and elegance. The unique nature of the video turned heads and captivated the audience without much hassle.

  1. Security@Me

One of the most striking aspects of this explainer video is the in-depth characterization of the animated figures. The design is so compelling that the 2D illustration gives off a 3D appearance with ease. That is relatively hard to do, but the video achieves the goal smoothly. Talking about security vulnerabilities has never been more interesting.


This is the end to an impressive mix of 2D Explainer videos. You can draw inspiration from these videos or incorporate parts of them when you make your own. There is a limitless source of explainer videos on the internet. Keep in mind that a good explainer video will inevitably aid in the improvement of the brand’s conversion rates. But, for that, choosing the best creators is a must.

Alpasbox has a team of skilled creative professionals. They brainstorm the views and ideas of clients and weave them into compelling videos. When it comes to developing excellent explainer videos, counting on us is a great idea. You can know more about our services, team and price details whenever you want.

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