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2D Animation Video boosts your business.

In this era of the digital revolution, a 2D animation video is a widely popular animation type. It is mainly used to develop cartoons, animated films, marketing videos, educational explainers, video games, and more. It is true that the usage of animated videos has enhanced the conversion rates by as much as 20%. That explains why more and more companies prefer its use for marketing their products or services. Apart from being charming and adorable, these videos also leave a visual and auditory impact on the viewers.

2D Animation Video

What is 2D Animation Video?

As the use of resources in online business-related activities becomes crucial to succeeding in today’s marketplace, more and more consumers are looking towards the internet for value. Customers are literally flocking to websites with greater resources applicable to their needs.

Here at 8digitboy, we specialize in 2D animation videos that have helped many online entrepreneurs increase their visibility in the marketplace through creative ways to promote their site’s services or products.

Why should you hire us?

Professional Script Writing

Content plays a vital role in videos, we assure that you got a marvelous script that explains what you want to tell your viewers.

Original & Unique Graphics

Original Artwork

We create 100% original hand-made Sketches and other graphics inputs used in our Whiteboard Explainer Video.

Best sound quality

Best Sound Quality

Voice is the soul of any video. we provide best quality voice over from Professional voice over artists (Male/Female) from all over the world.

Turnaround time

Turnaround time

You can ask for "EXPRESS DELIVERY" in case of a hurry. The explainer video will be delivered within 7-10 days.

No hidden Charges and Fees

Best Price

We want that low budget startups also enjoy the privilege of professional digital advertising that's why we start from a low budget.


Free revisions*

Client satisfaction is our priority, that's why we provide free round of corrections for your satisfaction.

How to make a 2d animation video

2D animation videos range from simplistic stick drawings to fully fleshed-out characters that often draw parallels with reality. The success mantra behind a compelling 2D animation video is the ability to narrate a good story. Irrespective of the complexity of the design, getting the message across to the audience is of paramount importance.

It is vital to note that the 2D animation video characters that gain more traction are the ones that the viewers can identify with. The proper portrayal of the needs of the audience and the potential solutions can lure viewers to grow a liking to your brand. That way, it can aid in the marketing of the products or services. In order to imbue real value to the service or product, 2D animation videos can help a great deal.

However, some marketing strategists might balk at the idea of using 2D animation. The feeling of reducing the brand to childish advertisements may not seem appealing. But, with the right team of creative experts, creating a visual delight of 2D animation video is rather awesome. Moreover, the audience loves to view something that is drastically unique compared to traditional marketing videos.

Can 2d animation explainer video company weave an intriguing story?

It is indeed true that with the best 2D animation video, one can connect with the audience via storytelling. One of the most basic human communication forms is the story. The value of stories in the lives of human beings is irreplaceable.

Replacing bullets and features lists with an exciting story and impressive visuals will hook in the audience much more. They are highly likely to have more curiosity about your product or service this way. There is a common misconception that the stories need to belong in order to drive home the value. It is entirely possible to make short 2D animation videos comprising 30 or 60 seconds.

Advantages of using 2D animation videos for marketing

It is true that 2D animation videos are a great marketing tool. They can increase the conversion rates and improve the ROI of the brand too. There is a wide range of benefits that companies can gain from using 2D animation videos. Take a look at some of them compiled below –

  • Holds attention: There can be no debate that animation videos offer a great deal of appeal. Even if you might not like the product or service, you can’t help but be attracted to the video. Apart from being eye-catching, these are also interesting and have the ability to capture the attention of the viewers. Moreover, the SEO will also improve due to the increase in traffic.
  • Offers deep engagement: With an ardent mix of voice-over, graphics, and text, animated videos have the capacity to stimulate the brain to provide a deeper engagement. It aids in the processing and understanding of the information that the video is trying to portray. Moreover, it can also assist in forming a connection between the company and the audience.
  • Easy to communicate: It is pertinent to understand that most people are visual lovers. That makes it easy for developers to create animated videos to communicate with the audience. Now, it is extremely easy to make videos on complex topics like technical information, training instructions, etc.
  • Highly shareable: Intriguing video content is often shared by people. 2D animation videos combine both text and images to create mesmerizing content that has high shareability.

Some 2d Animation Company Sample

We create high-quality 2d Animation videos for startups, small businesses, and big brands.

“Creativity is a crushing chore and a glorious mystery. The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

Why Important to Select the best 2d animation video company?

With 2D animation video, it is possible to promote your services or product with increasing efficiency. The audience not only loves a compelling story but is also hooked by the creativity and brand message. But, to get your message across and extend the visibility of your brand, you must opt for Alpasbox. They boast of a team of exceptionally talented professionals who infuse creative ideas into realistic projects to develop intriguing 2D animation videos.

How much 2d animation video cost in india?

It just depends on what kind of indie movies you’re going to watch. We have Basic, Standard, and Premium video quality, depending on your requirements. Besides a memorable storyline with a twist in a Premium Video, our Business Development Team will be at your service for any other requirements.

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What makes Alpasbox unique?

If you want to use animated videos for brand marketing, then choosing Alpasbox is an excellent decision. With the aid of their experienced team of experts, They offer affordable and efficient solutions, irrespective of the niche. They take the views of the clients into consideration while working on the videos.

If you want to know more about Alpasbox’s services and pricing model, contact on www.alpasbox.com right away!

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